We want to empower Ukrainian women to pursue careers in tech and creative industries. Because to be educated means to be free.

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We aim to provide women the free education they need to start careers in the creative and tech fields. Our big mission is to educate 5,000 courageous Ukrainian women. Education is our recovery plan for victory.

Our goal for 2023 is  to give training to 1,000 Ukrainian girls and women.

Foundation is established by Projector Creative and  Tech Institute with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and Diia Business. We are trusted by our partners:
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In April 2022, the Foundation was a startup. Now, it is a sustainable non-profit charitable organization with a long-term impact.


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Projector Institute is a leading non-governmental Ukrainian EdTech institution that provides independent digital education in IT and creative economies.


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Ukrainian women seek new ways to be financially independent, hence they need new skills.

We designed special training courses to give students the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they need to enter creative or tech junior positions.
INCO, a recipient of a grant from Google.org, offers 5,000 Ukrainians who have lost or are at risk of losing their jobs access and full support to complete Google Professional Certification training.

Projector Institute & INCO Academy — Work in Tech

Learning the basics of digital marketing and e-commerce and IT Support for a start in the profession. Free courses for Ukrainians from Projector Institute and INCO Academy.
3-4 months

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"I am from Mariupol. I was there face to face with the war. There was nothing I could do to keep the occupiers from stationing their tanks on my streets. Your assignments helped me to distract myself and immerse myself in work. Web design became a revelation and a whole new space for me to explore my creative potential"

Olha Petrova

Motion Design

"I have a bachelor's degree in technical translation. However, I never wanted it. It took me four years to find my calling. Graphic design captured my heart from day one. I have to keep living for those who are no longer alive"

Maria Morgunova

Motion Design

"Before the full-scale invasion, I was an illustrator at the Kyiv Academic Theater of Drama and Comedy. During the war’s first month, I realized there was still a lot to learn. Now, I want to study motion design to pursue a career as a video game & animated film concept artist and to bring my illustrations to life"

Maryna Konstantinova


"Now, I should do everything I can to prevent Russians from taking away my last dream of studying and working in the design industry"

Tetiana Zakopailo


"Immediately following the attack and fire at the nuclear power plant, my son and I left our hometown of Zaporizhzhia. I wanted to defend  my son. I lost my job and realized I needed further training in my field, so now I'm looking for work in IT"

Yuliia Koznova

Motion Design Beginning

"This course helped me achieve my goals: I learned how to work with After Effects, animate illustrations, and design interfaces. It gave me a solid foundation to pursue a career as a motion designer. Now I’ve got all the essential skills to create quality videos and enter the profession. It is a great result, and I owe it all to the comprehensive education I received during this course. Thank you!"

Nadiia Herasymenko

Graphic Design Beginninng

"It was an efficient and impressive course. The best part is that you focus on theory during lectures rather than just learning to use Illustrator. If you need to master the program, a separate video course is available. Then, you can jump right into practice and webinars that were pure art to me. Curators, managers, and communication are high-level!"

Sofiia Syniaieva

Graphic Design Beginninng

The course was highly beneficial, with a productive, enjoyable, and stimulating learning process. The mentor provided exceptional support to help students reach their project’s best potential. The engaging, creative homework provided valuable experience working with an actual client, and my portfolio is now well-stocked. Overall, I am highly impressed with this course as it fostered my passion for design and an eagerness to progress.

Olena Metelova


During the Targeting course, it was clear that the team behind it was highly professional. Every class was well thought-out, with high-quality material, a clear presentation, and useful links. I appreciated the opportunity to work on a real case and practice what we learned. The easy delivery and excellent visuals made the course accessible and stress-free. I learned so much, and I'm super grateful for this great experience!

Lora Trembich


I found the course to be incredibly practical and helpful! All the provided materials were super useful. The lectures were presented clearly, using real-life examples and detailed explanations of advertising tools. During the practical classes, the curator was attentive to everyone and always answered our questions. The teaching style was concise, straightforward, and effective. Overall, I have a really positive impression of the course.

Maryna Martynenko


Join us in guarding the power of education. Because we are truly invincible when together.

special projects

Сharity lecture "War and science: what neurobiology knows about violence" with Robert Sapolsky.

On the Mentorship Platform, you can get professional mentoring sessions in exchange for donations.

The Ebaut show held a special session on Instagram about occupations, employment, and careers.

Projector Institute and the Ukrainian brand Woolkrafts created a charity blanket Укриття (Shelter).

The Krupynka charity conference raised 730,200 UAH to fund the education of 40 Ukrainian women.

The Projector educational video library subscription turned into a charitable donation to the Foundation.


Tetiana Fishchuk

CEO Projector Foundation

Dariia Taran

Head of Fundraising

Svitlana Zalevska

Account manager

Natali Chulovska

Communication manager

Nataliya Sheremet

Financial manager

Viktoria Boyko-

Graphic designer
..and hundreds of people and companies who support the Foundation to make a better future for thousands of Ukrainian women
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