(hereinafter “the Offer”)

Hi there!If you are reading this text, you have the opportunity to become a member of the foundation group.Foundation Groups – study groups formed of girls who have applied to participate in the training organized by the Projector Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the "FOUNDATION") within the framework of the implementation of a certain grant project and at the expense of the grant (hereinafter also referred to as the "Project"), and received the opportunity to receive high-quality modern creative & tech education at the Projector Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Projector") free of charge*.*Free of charge – that is, you, as a student, do not pay tuition fees; The cost of training is paid at the expense of the donor.

Please read this Offer and if you do not agree with it, please do not finish registration, and then your usage of the Site is limited to reading.This document is the adhesion agreement, not a public contract within the meaning of article 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, as FOUNDATION reserves the right to refuse to enter into an agreement with the student if the person is not ready for the Course which had been chosen by him/her and/or does not meet the requirements for Project participants.
PLEASE pay attention that any of the following steps:
  • Filling out the application for joining the Project;
  • Registration for the course as part of the foundation group;
  • Checking the box opposite the "I accept the terms of the Offer" field;
Done together and/or each separately, confirms your unequivocal, informed, and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this contract and are equivalent to your own signature (here we have agreed on the procedure for taking actions considered as acceptance of the Offer and conclusion of the deed according to the rules of part 1 of article 205 of Civil Code of Ukraine).
1.1. PROJECTOR FOUNDATION is a PROJECTOR FOUNDATION, NGO, one of the activities of which is to provide an opportunity for Ukrainian women – internally displaced persons to receive free of charge high-quality information education and find a job with a remote schedule (online). Platform – website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"). The training takes place with the involvement of resources, experts, materials, and consultants from the Projector Institute.

1.2. Projector Institute is a platform that helps professionals of various levels and specializations develop system and point skills in interface design, graphic design, development, front-end, project management, internet marketing, English, etc. (hereinafter - "Platform"). Projector can change the Platform (specialized software) to another software environment at its discretion, at the same time, the student must familiarize himself with the functionality and rules of the Platform.

1.3. Course is a set of educational elements (video and audio materials, assignments, etc.) that are provided throughout a certain period (duration) and are composed according to a certain topic (program) and within which services are provided.Services during the Course are provided by persons engaged by the Projector who meet the requirements for the quality of services. A corresponding curator/mentor/responsible manager is attached to each Course/Module/Intensive.The duration of each Course is indicated on the Site/Platform and starts counting from the date of the first lesson. The start date of the Course can be changed with the further informing of the Student no later than 3 days before the start. Also, the duration of the Course may vary depending on the pace of the group's work, the project schedule, donor requirements, etc. (taking into account vacations/holiday breaks, force majeure, etc.).

1.4. A Student is an individual whose data is specified during registration and who is a participant in the learning process. If the student is a minor (who has not reached the age of 18), this contract is concluded on his behalf and in his interests by legal representatives (parents, guardians) who are responsible for ensuring compliance with the conditions set forth below.

1.5. Educational material - presentation, interactive material, video recording, homework, etc., which are posted on the Platform.

1.6. Personal account – the student’s account on the Platform, which is administered by the Projector and through which the student gets access to Courses/Modules, Educational Materials, and other information that is necessary for the execution of the contract.

1.7. Project is a program launched by FOUNDATION, which consists in the development of special short-term but intensive Courses, in order to provide the Student with sufficient knowledge and practical skills to start working as a creative or technical junior specialist.
Courses within the framework of the Project are launched at the expense of donors. Groups start as funds are raised. To get into the course you need to fill out an application form and pass the selection. In each Project, there are established requirements for persons who can become a Student - the target audience. If enrollment is closed at the time of your registration for the course, you will definitely receive an email from us informing you about the approximate launch period.
The right to study at the expense of the donor can be obtained only 1 time. That is, you can study at the expense of grant funds only in one selected Course within one Project (if you have already studied within a particular Project, you cannot apply for participation in subsequent Projects). At the same time, it is allowed to submit several applications for different Project Courses in parallel.
To become a Student, after registration, you need to fill out the application form for the relevant Course and pass the selection. Only truthful data should be indicated in the questionnaire. If we find a discrepancy between the data of the questionnaire and the fact that you provide false information, you will be denied to participate in this and subsequent Projects of the Foundation.
IMPORTANT! We do not consider the application form:
  • If the application form is filled out in Ukrainian/Russian (the language of filling out the questionnaire is English);
  • If the student has already taken courses from FOUNDATION or INCO Academy;
  • English at a level below Intermediate.
Selection for training according to the questionnaires is carried out on a competitive basis, according to the following criteria:
  • compliance with the target audience of the Project, the ability to confirm all these circumstances with evidence under the requirements of the Project;
  • knowledge of English at the Intermediate level and higher;
  • understanding of the professional field;
  • current work situation;
  • motivation to study (500 characters per question are recommended).
If you enroll in the Course, you will receive a letter from us. Please note that the letter will specify the conditions and deadline for you to confirm your participation in the Project. Important! If you do not confirm your participation in the Course within the specified period, we may exclude you from the list of students or, by mutual agreement, transfer your studies to another stream (set) of the Course.
After enrollment to the Course, the Student receives:
  1. access to video lectures and additional materials of the curator/mentor (in the form of presentations, articles, audio and video files, links to external resources for review, etc.);
  2. access to online meetings with a curator/mentor at least once every 2 weeks (carried out using the Zoom service or another similar service);
  3. access to some thematic lectures contained in the Projector online library on the Platform (information on
    the list of such lectures can be provided by the manager of a particular Course);
  4. the opportunity to receive a Projector's own Certificate upon completion of the Course, for which the Student must complete and submit to the curator for verification at least 50% of homework (unless otherwise specified on the landing page of the Course) and 100% of course projects before the date of completion of the Course (at the discretion of the curator, the Student may be given additional time (up to 14 calendar days) to submit work, which is missing); At the same time, Projector may set additional conditions for obtaining the Certificate, of which the Student will be informed in advance;
  5. retaining access to all video lessons and additional materials of the completed Course for up to 6 months after the completion of training;
  6. feedback from the curator/mentor at least once a week (in written, video, or audio form).
Please note that by registering for the Course, you have given your unequivocal consent to the condition that the training materials are provided "as is", and no claims can be made to the Projector/FOUNDATION regarding the effectiveness of the Student's application of the knowledge and skills acquired during the training. Responsibility for the use of this knowledge and skills, as well as for any results, direct or side effects, obtained as a result of the use of this knowledge and skills, lies entirely with the Student.
3.1. If you are selected for the Project, you get access to the Course materials through the Personal account registered on the Site or through e-mail. Training begins on the day the Course is launched.

3.2. You will be additionally informed about the start date of the Course.

3.3. Your training on the Course may be terminated and access terminated in the following cases:
  • Ignoring homework and lectures;
  • Failure to complete (unsuccessful completion, not credited by the curator) the course project and completion of the Course without receiving a certificate;
  • Violation of the Student's obligations specified in Section 4 of this Public offer.
At the same time, if within 1 month the Student has not submitted 50% of homework for review and does not get in touch with the course manager/curator, such a Student will be transferred to the "passive mode" (the Course materials will be available, but the Student will not receive feedback on homework and, accordingly, a certificate upon completion).
3.4. Projector/FOUNDATION is not responsible if the Student missed a seminar, webinar, lecture, or other elements of the Module (Course)/Intensive, which is calculated for their perception by the student through his/her participation in the online broadcast per the Program of the training.

3.5. All educational materials are copyrighted and subjective, Student may not agree with the views expressed in these materials. In this case, the Student can notify the Projector by e-mail, indicating sufficient reasons. FOUNDATION has the right, at its sole discretion, to respond or not to respond to such a request. The student’s disagreement with the educational material and/or the order or form of its presentation is not a reason for unilateral rejection of the Module (Course)/ Intensive as a service of poor quality.

3.6. During the completion of the Course, the Student can receive online support via e-mail or a chat that shall be created (Viber, Telegram, Slack) or another communication channel chosen by the FOUNDATION. Online support can be in the form of consultations on how to use the functionality of the Platform, online webinars (feedback sessions) that can be provided within the Course or other difficulties that the student may have during the Course. FOUNDATION may refuse such consultations if the requests do not relate to the Course/learning process.

3.7. If you decide to terminate (not to continue) your studies at the Course, please note that you do not retain a place in the next enrollment for the Course and you do not have the opportunity to continue your studies from the moment at which you stopped, as well as the opportunity to re-participate in the Project. In addition, you may be subject to the liability measures provided for in the contract.
4.1. Confirm participation in the training under the received letter of invitation.

4.2. Conscientiously and independently perform all tasks within the Course, adhere to academic integrity, and do not use AI to perform tasks (unless expressly permitted by the curator).

4.3. Use the services personally, do not transfer access to the Course, or Educational materials to third parties.

4.4. Do not spread, do not distribute in any way all or any part of the materials of the Course to third parties.

4.5. Do not publicly insult (in social networks, internal chats, etc.) the curator, manager, or other student of the Course.

4.6. Do not post on the Website/Platform or in any services related to the Course (social networks, chats, etc.) materials that violate the copyright, or personal rights of others. If the Student passes off other people's works as their own during the Course (commits plagiarism) or uses AI without the permission of the curator, the FOUNDATION may unilaterally withdraw from the Agreement ahead of schedule and block the Student's access to the Course.

4.7. Do not use obscene visas, coverage of pornographic, erotic, or sexual nature; or statements that cause deliberate provocation of different reactions of other participants of the Course.

4.8. Do not post advertisements, commercial messages, as well as messages that are not related to the subject of the Module (Course) (spam).

4.9. To be present at at least 70% of the Course classes, and if it is impossible to connect to the lesson, inform the representatives of the FOUNDATION indicating a valid reason (power outage, illness, an announcement of the "air alarm" signal, etc.).
5.1. In case the Student violates his/her obligations under Section 4 Projector Foundation may prematurely unilaterally cancel the Contract, stop providing services, and block access to the Educational Materials and the Platform. In this case, the Student's repeated participation in this and other Projects is impossible.

5.2. In the case of detection of violations provided for in p. 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 of this contract, the Student is obliged, within 10 days from the date of receipt of the request, to pay a pre-agreed fair amount of damage caused to the FOUNDATION in the amount of 300% of the usual cost of the Course (according to the information on the Platform). Violations can be recorded by screenshots, software tools, or facts of access to the Platform of third parties or any other means that prove violations.
6.1. Intellectual property rights to the Site, Platform, Educational materials used in the Platform, namely, images, videos, logos, graphics, sounds, belong to Projector or FOUNDATION.

6.2. Projector/FOUNDATION uses the intellectual property rights that may belong to other persons based on a license, agreement, or other legal basis.

6.3. Projector/FOUNDATION does not transfer any intellectual property rights to such objects to the Student and does not grant permission to use them for purposes other than those specified in the contract.

6.4. Access to the content and any other intellectual property objects placed on the Site, as well as in programs and messengers related to the provision of services to the Student, is provided exclusively for personal non-commercial use without the right to reproduce (including copying/downloading/saving) of such objects in the memory of the Student's (any other person's) equipment, without the right to distribute the content on the Internet, as well as without the right to any other use that is not provided for in this contract, including sale, modification, distribution in whole or in part (elements).

6.5. The Student grants the FOUNDATION and/or the Grantor**/Customer*** indefinite free permission to distribute all works performed by the Student during the Course, in social networks, on the Site, and/or on any other resources without using for commercial purposes (i.e. without receiving payment from third parties for such use). Such works can be performed by one Student and in co-authorship with other students or a curator.
** Grantor is a person (company) that has provided a grant to the Foundation, thanks to which the Student participates in the Project and undergoes training.
***Customer is a person (company) that has applied to Projector/FOUNDATION to conduct a certain research, concept development, etc., within which the Student has developed certain works independently or in co-authorship.

6.6. By accepting this contract, the Student (his legal representative) grants**** Projector/FOUNDATION/Grantor irrevocable, free of charge, non-exclusive permission for photography (photographing a person under the subject matter agreed with the photographer) and videography (creation of audiovisual works and videograms with the participation of a person), as well as for the use of photographs with the image and audiovisual works and videograms with the participation of the Student, in any way, including by their publication, including on the Internet, reproduction, display, distribution, processing, inclusion to other works, collections, etc., submission to the public domain in such a way that its representatives can access the works from any place and at any time of their own choice an unlimited number of times in all countries of the world for an unlimited period.
Also, taking into account the norms of Article 308 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Student (legal representative) grants the Projector/FOUNDATION/Grantor free of charge, indefinite and irrevocable consent (permission) for public display, reproduction, distribution of photographs with the image of the Student and audiovisual works and videograms with his participation, including for advertising purposes, in particular, but not exclusively: on the sites used by the Projector/FOUNDATION/Grantor, in social networks, in electronic and printed publications, in informational and other materials related to the activities of the Project.
We emphasize that all of the above objects can be used solely to inform about the activities of the Projector/FOUNDATION/Grantor, about the Project, the stages of its implementation, the social benefits and results of the implementation of various Projects, as well as in the learning process (distribution of webinar recordings among students, etc.).
**** In all cases of photography or videography, we will inform you separately, and if you decide to withdraw your consent according to this clause 6.6, please notify us in writing at Until we receive your written notice, we will take your consent as valid and unambiguous as stated above.
In all cases of photo or video shooting, we will inform you separately, and if you decide to withdraw your consent according to this clause 7.6, please notify us in writing to Until we receive your written notice, we treat your consent as valid and unambiguous as stated above.
7.1. We understand that life's objective circumstances can make unforeseen adjustments to the possibility of fulfilling this contract, and we hereby assume that the FOUNDATION and/or the Student are released from responsibility for partial or complete non-fulfillment of their obligations, if their fulfillment is prevented by an extraordinary and unavoidable of these conditions by an event (force majeure), including, but not limited to military actions, riots or sabotage; natural disasters; disconnection of electricity supply, Internet or telecommunications; the introduction of state restrictions that make it impossible for the service to function on time and in full, and/or any other circumstances, as a result of which FOUNDATION objectively cannot provide services in a timely, complete, high-quality, etc. Manner and the Student cannot attend classes. The term of fulfillment of obligations in this case is postponed according to the time during which such circumstances and their consequences are in effect, until the moment when the full operation are restored.

7.2. We will immediately inform you about the occurrence of force majeure circumstances, as well as their completion and resumption of work, by posting information on the Site, and we will do our best to resume the provision of services as soon as possible. You, in turn, must also inform us immediately of any circumstances that prevent you from participating in the training by telephone or e-mail.

7.3. A certain lesson of the Course may be postponed due to the announcement of an "air alarm" signal on the territory of Ukraine. You will be informed about the time and day on which the lesson was postponed additionally.
8.1. Some Projects may be aimed at progressive youth who are part of the target audience of the Project. If a minor (under 14 years old) or a minor (from 14 to 18 years old), hereinafter referred to as an "adolescent", is registered for the Project, then the responsibility for the execution of this agreement rests with their legal representatives (parents, guardians).

8.2. We base our relationships with you on trust and decency, and therefore we believe that if an adolescent registers for a Project, that is, accepts this contract, then all the specified actions are performed under the control of a responsible person - a legal representative. Therefore, by accepting the contract, the legal representative of the adolescent assures us and guarantees that he/she has the necessary legal capacity, as well as all the rights and powers necessary and sufficient to conclude and execute the relevant transaction, including based on Part 2 of Art. 65, 1, 2 Art. 74 of the Family Code of Ukraine, valid with the consent of the second spouse, and in the case of being in an unregistered marriage, with the consent of another person with whom he/she lives in the same family, but is not married to each other or in any other marriage.

8.3. We only provide training for the student, under the program of the selected Course. Care and/or supervision of a minor, carrying out any educational activities, are not parts of our duties.

8.4. Student who has not reached the age of 14 is a juvenile under the current legislation of Ukraine and is not responsible for the damage caused to us and/or a third party. The legal representative bears full responsibility for the specified damage.

8.5. Student who has not reached the age of 14 is a juvenile under the current legislation of Ukraine and is not responsible for the damage caused to us and/or a third party. The legal representative bears full responsibility for the specified damage.
9.1. In case of dispute, we make every effort to its settlement. If the Parties fail to settle the dispute by negotiations, such dispute shall be brought for resolution to the court under the law of Ukraine.

9.2. The Contract is valid until the completion of the Project, except for certain provisions that continue to be valid after the completion of the Project.

9.3. By acceding to this agreement, the Student grants Projector/FOUNDATION the right to collect, process, and store their personal data following the Privacy Policy, the purpose of processing: the performance of the contract between us.

9.4. The FOUNDATION may change the terms of this Agreement unilaterally by posting a new version of the Public Offer. In case of disagreement with the changed conditions, the Student has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally, notifying the FOUNDATION (in this case the consequences specified in clause 3.7 occur).

9.5. Unless otherwise provided hereby, the conditions established by the legislation of Ukraine shall apply.

9.6. Unless otherwise provided hereby, sufficient proof of the actions performed by the Student will be information (accounting) records in the relevant programs used by the Projector/FOUNDATION and/or on the servers that ensure the operation of the Site/Platform, regardless of the method and/or technical device with which they are were carried out.

9.7. The FOUNDATION is not responsible to the student:
— if the Student refuses to receive services (termination of studies);
— for illegal actions of third parties, as well as for the consequences of force majeure such as natural disasters, fire, flood, military actions of any nature, blockades, significant changes in the legislation in force on the territory of Ukraine, emergency lack of Internet connection, other circumstances beyond the control of the FOUNDATION and/or third parties engaged by it, as a result of which the Student cannot receive services on time and/or in full;
— for any damage caused to the Student as a result of his actions and/or actions of third parties;
— for the impossibility of providing services as a result of the Student's expulsion from the Course on the grounds specified herein.

9.8. By joining this Public Offer, the student grants the FOUNDATION permission to record telephone conversations for monitoring and improving the service, as well as to use such recordings as evidence in court, other bodies, and institutions.
Projector Foundation – Non-governmental organization "PROJECTOR FOUNDATION".
Details: NGO "PROJECT FOUNDATION", code  42166432, Ukraine, 01021, Kyiv, Olhynska st., bldg.  2/1, apartment 16, e-mail:
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